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What is a specialist radiologist?

A Radiologist is a medical specialist who has completed more than 12 years of training including dedicated post medical school training in diagnostic radiology. All Australian radiologists are credentialed by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. They are responsible for interpreting diagnostic images of patients for medical diagnostic purposes.

Many Auburn radiologists have also completed additional specialist fellowship training in their chosen areas of interest and are recognised locally, nationally and internationally as experts in their chosen field. Our radiologists are all involved in continuing medical education and many have been invited to lecture at local, national and international medical conferences.

Our radiologists understand when an radiology test may help answer a question about a symptom, disease, injury or treatment - and also when radiology is unlikely to be helpful. If a test is needed, they will know what kind (and if it's multiple tests, the order in which they should be done to get the best result). In responding to requests for tests or interventional treatments, a radiologist will consider different options and the risks and benefits, before determining the best course of action.

Radiologists communicate the results of diagnostic and interventional radiology in a written report sent to your referring doctor, and sometimes also by phone. By working in this way, as part of a clinical team, our radiologists are active participants in bringing about better health outcomes for patients.

Each Auburn Radiology practice is led by a managing radiologist, who oversees the clinical affairs and clinical decision-making of the clinic to ensure that service delivery is tailored to the local needs of referring medical practitioners and patients.